About the Farmers


Todd Clark is a first generation farmer from Lexington raising a variety of products destined for both commodity and local food markets on 800 acres at Clark Family Farm. Mainstays of his farm include broilers, layers, turkeys, grassfinished beef and lamb and vegetables.  Todd serves on an array of boards that include the Fayette County Farm Bureau, the Fayette Alliance and the Community Extension Council. 





 Chris Poore and his family came to farming recently. Chris and his family bought a 25-acre farm in Salvisa four years ago. They raised thousands of chickens and turkeys; they also grew blueberries and vegetables. Chris works full time at the University of Kentucky as adviser of the student newspaper, The Kentucky Kernel(His students made the sign above). The Poores sold the farm recently and now work exclusively with the Clarks and focus on sales and marketing. Chris also grows some of the vegetables that supplement the vegetable CSA and pitches in on caring for chickens. Chris serves on the Community Extension Council and is a Fayette County Master Gardener.