Meat CSA subscriptions

Meat CSA subscriptions

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Offered year round, delivered once a month. When you sign up for our meat CSA, we will deliver your meat once a month (the actual day, a weekday, will be assigned after you sign up) in a cold bag to keep it frozen. You can pay up-front or we can charge you monthly. Your subscription starts when you pay for one of the options below. (We ask that you commit to this CSA for at least six months. If you end your subscription early, you will be asked to pay a fee equivalent to one month's price of the subscription.)

  • Your CSA commitment

    Animals are a long-term investment; your commitment allows us to make plans for raising animals, buying feed and securing labor. When you purchase your GreenPasturesCSA share we ask that you make a six-month commitment. Leaving before six months will necessitate an exit fee equal to one month's share.

  • About your purchase

    All meat at GreenPasturesCSA comes from animals raised on pasture. Animals that need supplemental feed -- like chickens and pigs -- are fed non-GMO feed. They are given medication only when necessary because of illness.